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Monday, October 5, 2009

No. No way. This can't have happened!

Like Talon's said, They took Raven. I only was able to read their minds dimly,because the Reapers are half machine. Even then I didn't get back fast enough to stop them. I could have stopped them all!But I didnt. I was too slow this time. I guess theres only one path of action possible; we must follow them. I dont know how many of us will come out alive, maybe all maybe none. That is a grim possibility. i will prevent as many casualities as possible. But I cant [rotect everyone. Raven is proof of that.


Talon said...

dude they are full machines you were picking up radio signals.

Ace said...

Whoa. I can do that? Never knew. I always thought they were half human and thats why I could faintly hear them.

Talon said...

we all could, its called super hearing.